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Moving On .. May 3, 2006

Posted by newyorkscot in Other.

I have decided to leave my current employer, Finetix, for pastures new. The main driver behind this is the birth of my baby girl a month ago which really put things into perspective for me: Why do we work and who do we work for ?

My doorman said something to me the other week that took me aback and really got me thinking: “You know Mr Hamilton, you can always make money, but you can never get the time back with your baby”. Wow.

To be honest, I need a change in role, responsibilities, career, etc, so with the nice weather and this change in perspective, now seemed like the natural and perfect time to make a break: it takes a lot to top hanging out with new family, sunshine, lots of golf, etc.

The last three years at Finetix has certainly been interesting and satisfying on a number of levels. I believe I have made many contributions and changes to the way the company is run, the way we look after our employees, the way we structure and execute projects (including the risk management side of things), the adoption of more formal agile approaches to projects, better control and visibility into the quality and finances of projects, etc. Of course, it has also been a rollercoaster ride filled with disagreements, disappointments and in some cases fundamental philosophical differences. I wish Finetix and its employees all the best, as they really do have some of the very best employees: I have never come across such a technically talented and dedicated bunch of people. I hope that I will get to work with many of them again.

So, what’s next (after family-time) ?

There are a few things that have always interested me. I am at heart an engineer (albeit in Aerospace, rather than Computer Science!) and love to build things. Design and delivery are very important to me, as is continuing to understand technology and its application to solutions. I really enjoy working with intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and considerate people. I have always enjoyed the marketing of technical solutions and/or products (hence my previous job working for myself helping emerging technology companies bring their products/services to market). Of course, Financial Services is a fascinating domain, and for me in particular risk management has been a big part of my career in FS. Finally, I think that the strategy of a company and its execution is highly rewarding and something I will always want to be a contributor to. So, any opportunity to combine these areas could have the potential of being the perfect job.

Updates, thoughts and progress will be posted as soon as I have had time to apply any brain-power to them, but only after I get back to playing to (or improving) my golf handicap..


1. Matt - May 16, 2006

Good luck Ross in your next venture. I with you and your family all the best. Keep in touch.

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