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New Opportunity June 17, 2006

Posted by newyorkscot in Client Engagement Mgt.

After a number of interesting weeks and discussions,  I have found the next chapter of my career: Director, Client Engagements and Marketing at Lab49.

Since my previous posting, I had been looking into a number of potential job/career opportunities including some things in technology marketing, including agency side careers, and although this shares some of the same attributes as working for a consulting firm, I don’t think I can leave the IT/delivery side just yet.

I had also been speaking to some people who were just getting into new ventures, very much in the start-up mode. Although this is exciting and many entrepenuers have some great ideas (and even better and very compelling sales pitches), I have actually done this before. But it is very difficult to get a sense of reality when there is no solid pipeline or backing.

When I spoke to Luke and Dan at Lab49, I got a great sense of the energy, culture, passion, innovation and intellect that exists at the company. Not only have they been doing some really solid (and in some cases cool) delivery in Capital Markets (such as trading, risk mgt, pricing systems, etc), but they now have some serious backing: Corpus has aquired Lab49, with Lab49 becoming the Financial Services division of Corpus. This means that they are investing in the talent, putting in place a scalable infrastructure and are serious about their profile in the industry (they have hired Write-Image who are a great bunch of folks I have met before and are really tapped into FS/IT).

So, the role is two-fold: managing the delivery side of the business in the US in terms of delivery approach and project & risk management; and driving their marketing program as they seek to raise their profile in the industry. It certainly touches all of the things I was looking for in my previous post, and am looking forward to working with everyone at Lab49 and Write Image.



1. Solomon - June 20, 2006

Congrats 🙂

2. DLG - June 20, 2006

good going ross, wish you all the best for the future

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