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SIA Show: Some Random Comments June 23, 2006

Posted by newyorkscot in Marketing.

A couple of us spent a couple of days this week up at the SIA Technology Management show in midtown, NYC, where the theme was "cool and competitive technologies". That said, there was the usual raft of not-so-cool product vendors promoting the same stuff they have for years except I noticed that many have changed the face of the staff promoting the products, ie, not so many technical folk, and a lot more marketing and account management staff (along with a few more models!!).

Some of the more interesting things at this year's show include the usual grid computing guys like Datasynapse and Platform, but also distributed cache and data grid/fabric folks such as Tangosol and Gigaspaces. I have seen several client projects where Gigaspaces has made some headway in Financial Services, mainly in solving performance problems in passing very large volumes of XML-based messages between various application services (the primary issue of which has been in the serialization/deserialization of java objects as they are passed between processes). Tangosol has some interesting functionality for abstracting the I/O of data from the underlying datastore.

Some of the big "horizontal" guys, such as Microsoft and Intel, were definitiely reliant on their ISV partners for demonstrating FS functionality. These guys definitely know how to over-sell concepts: we attended an Intel presentation in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, whereby they proceeded to talk about a new 64-bit chipset and how fast and energy-efficient it was. I thought the demonstration of the new chipset racing to crunch 20,000 calculations against its (near) equivalent AMD chip was just a bit contrived (but I am a cynic, anyway). Part of the "drama" was that when they pushed the respective buttons to kick off the processes, the Intel guy fumbled his keyboard, giving the AMD chip a 6 or 7 sec headstart, and the audience were then treated to a heart-pounding race as the Intel managed to catch up and pip the AMD chip to the line at a finish time of 32 secs (or so). I cannot believe Intel would EVER let its chip be beaten in a demo, so it all felt a bit staged. Related to this, a number of companies (IBM, Sungard and Gemstone/fire) then presented a long set of stories about how each of their respective servers, datacenters and applications run faster on the new chip. I think we all got it inside 3 secs, but it apparently took an hour to describe this fact in excruciating detail. On a more positive note, the drinks and food in the Rainbow Room were excellent, as were the views of NYC.

We also spoke to some of the established application vendors and it was interesting to hear the range of responses when asked if they were interested in educating some of our consultants, clients and partners in their application. In some cases, they actually refused to discuss the possibility of a relationship where they could get more client-business from Lab49. Bizarre. Would love to hear their CEO's reaction to that !!

As is common with shows, it is a bit of a vendor-fest and I would love to know what type of client traffic some of these companies get (and conversion rates to real business), versus interest from VCs, which I suspect are really the target audience for many.


1. Cameron Purdy - September 5, 2006

> Tangosol has some interesting functionality for abstracting the I/O
> of data from the underlying datastore.

Glad to hear you find it interesting. We’ve got quite a bit more as well. If you get a chance, check out some of the articles on our wiki:


There are a huge number of capabilities for large-scale applications, including for data-intensive compute loads, transactional systems, real-time risk, etc.


2. newyorkscot - September 5, 2006

Hi Cameron .. yeah some good stuff .. I have already spoken to some of your guys, including them having done a tech presentation to our engineers.

3. sandrar - September 10, 2009

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