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Distributed Cache Provider Updates February 16, 2007

Posted by newyorkscot in HPC.

I see GemStone has announced that it now has support for native C++ and .NET clients to access their distributed caching product, Gemfire. Will be interesting to see what the uptake of that is on the desktop of traders, relative to their competitors in the marketplace. Unlike the products of their competitors (Tangosol  and  Gigaspaces) which are written in Java, Gemfire’s enterprise product actually comes in two flavours, Java and C++.

Meanwhile Tangosol, have recently announced support for .NET applications to use their Coherence data cache, they now also support Spring to allow the management of the data cache.

Not to be outdone, Gigaspaces also recently announced support for .NET and “introduced the concept” of PONOs (Plain Old .NET Objects) to allow consistency of programming models across Java and .NET worlds.



1. Cameron Purdy - February 17, 2007

The Coherence for .NET public announcement hasn’t been made yet, as we were waiting for a couple banks to take their pilots into production, to act as reference accounts. Unfortunately (tongue-in-cheek!), our sales team started pushing it heavily in advance of its GA release, and so its use is already spreading rapidly. As a result, we’ve seen it in a number of bake-offs and competitive POCs. While the names and specific results are all confidential, we have won 100% of the bake-offs and POCs, and there is quite a buzz building around the product. It’s fast. Very fast. And it works. Very well.

And pretty soon, we’ll be able to say the same for C++ 😉


Cameron Purdy
Tangosol Coherence: Data Grid for Java and .NET

2. Wes - March 24, 2010

.NET distributed caching solution is an amazing tool for the .NET developers as it has a lot to offer for them. Presently there are a lot of distributed caching solution are available in the market which are doing very pretty job. Even Microsoft has entered in this niche by introducing MS Velocity. But personally I am a big fan of NCache because of its rich features. Specially the range of topologies which NCache is offering, those are truly wonderful.


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