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SOA On Wall Street February 16, 2007

Posted by newyorkscot in SOA / Virtualization.

Since a couple of us at Lab49 have been working on architecture projects for clients, I thought it might be useful to attend the WebServices / SOA On Wall Street conference to see what the usual plethora of vendors had to say for themselves these days. Not much is my verdict.

In the mostpart, this was attended by vendors who are selling a lot of infrastructure that has been given an SOA-spin. From integration servers to messaging infrastructures to testing frameworks to SOA Governance solutions to systems monitoring and management solutions. Quite a few of the vendors were clearly not established in the FS space (e.g. a company called RTI is predominantly an Aerospace and Military provider of a low latency high throughput messaging solution  — that happens to run all the messaging on US Navy warships– but spun as a market data distribution platform).

As usual, IBM and Microsoft were the elephants in the room, touting their soup to nuts software stacks for SOAs  (more on these in other postings).

I was disappointed that no-one had any real practical insight of how to actually build business-critical applications that run on an SOA. Yes, there were broad examples of the results of some client work, but nothing that touched on the nuances and complexities of actually building these solutions — other than IBM’s “web services is the industry standard best practice for implementing SOAs” ! No-one was talking about the types of the issues we have to deal with on a daily basis such as loose vs tight coupling, event-driven messaging, synchronization, business process control, migration of legacy applications, etc


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