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New Capital Markets Benchmarking Council September 25, 2007

Posted by newyorkscot in Complex Event Processing, HPC.

The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) recently announced the creation of a new benchmark council that includes some of the leading securities firms such as JPMC, Citigroup and HSBC. The new council will establish benchmarks in three areas:

  • Market data: benchmarks based on workloads such as direct exchange-feed integration, market data distribution, tick storage and retrieval, etc.
  • Analysis: benchmarks based on workloads such as trading algorithms, price generation, risk calculation, etc.
  • Execution: benchmarks based on workloads such as smart order routing, execution-related messaging, etc.

“STAC Benchmarks will measure the performance of software such as market data systems, messaging middleware, and complex event processing systems (CEP), as well as new underlying technologies, such as hardware-based feed and messaging solutions, hardware-based analytics accelerators, compute and data grid solutions, InfiniBand and 10-gigabit Ethernet networks, multicore processors, and the latest operating system and server technologies.”

Benchmarks in complex event processing, huh ? That will be interesting. Will it be based on specific sets of use cases ? Will it give us insight into the hype and myth of the various CEP vendors’ proclamations of processing gazillions messages / sec ? Will it tell us what happens when you try to scale these products ? I wonder what the various CEP vendors think about this …?

Some FAQs here.



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