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Clients, CEP and Trends January 30, 2008

Posted by newyorkscot in Audio & Video, Complex Event Processing, Marketing.

At Lab49, we finished a very strong year with a flurry of client and marketing activity. On the client side, we have seen a remarkable uptick in demand from the buy-side (hedge funds) and exchanges. This is in addition to our traditional tier-one sell-side client base.

Complex Event Processing was a big growth area for us (as was large scale computing and WPF), with us continuing to build relationships with the main vendors in the space. Many of these companies have brought us into client opportunities, wanted us to build demos specific to financial services’ front offices, and engaged us in various marketing-related activities. This month we launched a whitepaper with BEA based on our fixed income CEP demo using the BEA Weblogic Event Server (of course, that was not the tipping point for Oracle to buy BEA 2 days later 🙂 ). Recently, Daniel Chait wrote a nice article for Aleri on the practicalities of selecting a CEP vendor. Watch this space for a series of podcasts that I will be hosting with Daniel that will discuss CEP in capital markets with various people from the industry.

In November, a few of us did some brainstorming on some of the cool technologies and IT trends that we think emerge or gain traction in 2008. When we ran these by a number of the horizontal and fintech press, we got some very positive traction, resulting in a whole series of articles, features and podcats we will be writing or contributing to over the next few weeks/months. Network World did a podcast on some of these trends with Daniel during their “Predictions Week”.

Separately, Joe was also interviewed in an article discussing SOAP vs REST



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