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Mingle April 15, 2008

Posted by newyorkscot in Agile, Client Engagement Mgt.
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One of our guys just downloaded the latest version of Mingle, the project collaboration software from Thoughtworks. On initial inspection it seems to provide a nice visual interface to specify and layout features, tasks, etc for different views of the product and iteration backlogs (including a Card Tree for laying out cards in what looks like an org chart). It also supports some pretty slick (and configurable) burndown charting for whatever data you are interested in, and has a wiki for documentation. It seems to be striking a decent balance between developer collaboration and management reporting.

One feature in particular that looks really useful is an interactive online version of a card wall.  Not only is this customizable, but it can total up work effort per swimlane (which is what used to pain me when we used to use real cards & pinboards). Pretty cool stuff.

Will be interesting to see what others think of this compared to XPlanner, etc, and whether people will pay for it (it costs for projects with more than 5 people). What do people think of this compared to other “paid-for” offerings from vendors such as VersionOne and Rally ? On initial glance, it looks very functional and seems to be very flexible.


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