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The views expressed on this blog are solely those of the author and not of any corporation. All Rights Reserved.

This Blog:  

My name is Ross Hamilton and I currently work for Lab49 as the Head of Delivery, NA. This blog is an array of thoughts, observations, rants, etc on things I come across or experience during my working life in New York City in Financial Services IT. My background includes aerospace engineering; systems design development in Financial Services; technology management; strategic development in the mobile & wireless sector; corporate and solution strategy for emerging technology companies; managing client engagements; and business management. As the blog title suggests, I

was born and raised in Scotland and keep close personal and professional ties with “home”, but I consider myself a New Yorker.




Scrum Master Agile Alliance


1. Nick Price - November 29, 2006

Ross- hello from Edinburgh! Good to see you around again, hope family are well? Well I would have thought I would have had a call about LAB 49 opening in London, what’s going on and how do we get involved? Mail me sometime – Careercare no more, re-branded to Bright Purple, what do you think?

2. Jerry Anderson - May 3, 2009


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